Bennett Miller, the Oscar-nominated director behind Moneyball, is firming up the cast for his next feature, Foxcatcher, which is set to be a fascinating film for all involved.

Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, and Mark Ruffalo have all come on board since last autumn, and now Deadline report that Sienna Miller has been cast in the drama, based on a tragic true story.

Carell stars as paranoid schizophrenic, John duPont, a multimillionaire and member of the notable du Pont family, who shot and killed his long-time friend and Olympic champion wrestler, Dave Schultz (Ruffalo).

Tatum is set to star as Schultz’s brother, Mark, with Sienna Miller now joining the cast as Ruffalo’s wife, Nancy.

Miller is directing from a script co-written by past collaborator Dan Futterman (Capote) and E. Max Frye (Band of Brothers), and the director will be producing alongside the increasingly, exponentially influential Megan Ellison (Lawless, The Master), who is financing the film through her shingle, Annapurna Pictures.

Foxcatcher is set to go into production later this month, and with such a compelling cast and a harrowing premise, it could well be something we see entering the awards race this time next year.

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