Chris Chung was one of the finalists of the Virgin Media Shorts competition which ran last year, and now he’s back with another short film, Lux.

Handuken was the short which got him to the finals, and you can see that film at the end of this post but be sure to check out the trailer for his latest work. The art of capturing a mood or the essence of a film in a brief time is not an easy one to master. Having seen the completed short this teaser really does convey the whistful and slightly odd flavour to the finished film. The music, by Shawn Lyon, is divine.

Here’s the teaser, watch out for Lux to appear on the festival circuit before long.

Lux – Teaser from Christopher Chung on Vimeo.


And here’s his short film Handuken.

Handuken from Christopher Chung on Vimeo.