It’s been a long while since we placed a focus on a short film in our ‘Short Film Cinema’ series but since this one was created by some friends of the site (including Ben Mortimer who you may remember was our red carpet guru for a number of years) and the fact it’s fantastic, it was high time the feature returned!

Augmented takes you into a world where what you see may actually be an illusion. The project comes from director Ross Peacock and Producer Ben Mortimer who back in 2014 took part in the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge to produce a short-film. Final Command was the final result and ended up being shortlisted in the competition Top 10. Following this success they decided to expand on the idea enlisting the help of screenwriter Ben Shillito and Augmented was the result.

It’s a fascinating premise and one that we can definitely see being expanded upon even further. Let us know what you think in the comments below along some images from the production.


  • Sabine Crossen – Elena
  • Brett Fancy – David
  • Camilla Roholm – Holly

Production Team

  • Director – Ross Peacock
  • Producer – Ben Mortimer
  • Executive Producer – Tim Clayton
  • Writer – Ben Shillito