After years aboard the merry-go-rounds in Development Hell the long-awaited Uncharted film looks like its rolling into production.

The timing of this news is not a surprise. The most recent game in the Playstation series, subtitled A Thief’s End, was released earlier this year to great acclaim. This followed a release of a remastered triple-pack of the previous three games.

According to Deadline Shawn Levy is the man tipped to direct the film. Levy’s most recent outing was as the Executive Producer of the Netflix smash Stranger Things, and his other work includes our shared Nights at the Museum.

For a while it looked as though Joe Carnahan would be behind the camera, but his future appointment with the third Bad Boys film seems to have caused a conflict. As far as we know the film will still use his script.

Casting Nathan Drake is the next big marketing opportunity. When the first game came out namesake Nathan Fillion was the subject of dream casting, these days the money is on Chris Pine or John Krasinski as possible Drakes.

This one has been on the back-burner for a while, with David O. Russell once in place to direct, let’s see if Sony can get this one off the ground before Drake and his exploits are lost in the cultural ether.