This is a Blu-ray review of Sex And the City 2 so I do not need to go over aspects of this film already discussed on this site, Em’s caustic yet considered review is available here and says everything which needs to be said about this howler.

For this I am grateful, because having to watch Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall go through the motions of a making a film so woefully poor, so devoid of plot and so utterly charmless made me want to cry.

So unanimously was this film condemned that it is impossible to be anything other than one among many chiding all involved for making a film so vacuous and gaudy that I actually felt the gravitational pull towards the TV as the film began to suck so much.

There’s confusion about the message of liberation, both sexual and religious, which steps casually into outright offense and while some moments point to plot strands the TV series would have dealt with in a witty and nicely licentious manner, there’s little here beyond humour so unsophisticated it borders on the physically painful.

Instead we have four dead eyed characters whipping furiously around New York and Abu Dhabi like they’ve been snorting full length mirrors coated in ground up diamonds and cocaine, cracking insultingly obvious puns and dragging knuckles and shopping bags from plot point to plot point with a crazed set of smiles and eyes full of paychecks.

Sex and the City lost a lot when it upgraded to the big screen, now the sequel proves that it has become a parody of itself, with self indulgent karaoke scenes, half baked home truths lodged hamfistedly into a vast shopping advert, not to mention an appearance by Alice Eve whose character is outrageously derogatory to all human kind and serves no purpose other than to make the rest of the film a meditation on the human condition worthy of Satre in comparison.

There’s nothing behind this film other than vanity and the vast stampede of a herd of cash cows laughing all the way to the bank, and the twist and flux of its sexual politics belittle anything the series ever did and this is a diamond ring crowded middle finger in the face of economic hardship. It is not escapism. It is not tongue in cheek, and it is not harmless fun.

Buy this Blu-ray if you need to complete your Sex in the City collection, or if you have a fetish for spotting fashion details, are a die hard fan of Liza Minelli, or have masochistic tendencies.  All these are all valid reasons.

On the Blu you will get these Special Features, for the time in your life when you want to give your soul an extra vicious kicking.

Commentary with Director Michael Patrick King
So Much Can Happen in Two Years – A Conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King
Styling Sex and the City 2
Very Carrie: A Positiviely Fabulous Look at the Life of Carrie Bradshaw
Marry Me Liza!
Revisiting the 80’s
The Men of Sex and the City
The Men of Sex and the City: Pop Quiz
Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack: Behind the Scenes with Alicia Keys

The Blu-ray and DVD is out today!