Well this is a some flipping good news! I’m pretty sure that the makers of Senna (that would be writer – Manish Pandey, Director – Asif Kapadia & Producers Tim Bevan, Liza Chasi, Eric Fellner and James Gay-Rees) had no idea whatsoever that the movie they have created would become such a massive hit picking up award after award wherever they go.

I still believe that Senna is the best film that I’ve seen all year and am so desperate to get the Blu-ray copy through in the post! I’m hoping tomorrow may be the day! For those of you not in the know, Senna is a documentary based around the life of Formula One three time world champion racing driver, Ayrton Senna. The movie will make you laugh, cry and you’ll watch in disbelief as the movie unfolds but I’ll leave the rest of my DVD review for when I actually get it!

The latest news that comes from Screen Daily is that Formula One mad fan and writer of Senna, Manish Pandey has been snapped up by Coriolanus producer, Julia Taylor-Stanley to write another Formula One movie based around Ferrari. According to the news, the movie will be a $60m feature rather than the documentary that he wrote for Senna and will focus on the Ferrari team in the late 1950’s and early 1960s. It will follow the lives of Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins and there will be a love triangle in the movie too.

“It was a very tragic period in Ferrari’s history, and there is also a love triangle within the story.”

The story also states that an a-list director is being approached to get involved so I guess it’s a watch this space for the time being. More as we get it.