Royale Salute have just released the first in a series of short promotional films under the banner of Stories of Power and Grace. The film centres on the unusual juxtaposition of the relationship between Facundo Pieres, a world class polo player and Jean-Francois Pignon, an equally world famous horse whisperer. It’s a clever move of the part of the filmmakers as the lives these two men describe are very different in outlook and focus, but with the unifying element – the horse, and the power and grace of the title. stories of power and grace (2) Some of the cinematography here is superb, as this is obviously a worldwide campaign the images need to tell the story and so they do. There is a deep connection to the nature and elegance of the animals and their connection to the men featured is tangible. The slow motion camerawork is beguiling, capturing the fierce nature and the power of the horses in great detail. We can look to a recent film such as Steven Spielberg’s War Horse to see how the bond between species is of paramount importance to the story being told. We expect more of these Stories of Power and Grace to be seen in the coming weeks, so do look out for them.