The Inbetweeners MovieI don’t know what to make of this news after coming to terms with it being over and done with but it would appear that the epic amount of money The Inbetweeners movie made here in the UK (£45m when it cost only £3.5m to make) was too great a pull for there not to be a second installment. After insisting that the movie would be a one-off, co-creator and writer Damon Beesley has confirmed plans for a second UK film.

All four of the main cast (Joe Thomas, James Buckley, Simon Bird and Blake Harrison) are confirmed to be returning for the sequel to the 2011 movie which saw the wallies travel to Crete in search of sand, sea, surf and sex.

When talking to The Sun, Beesley said:

“I don’t want to give too much away at this stage but we have been developing an idea for a sequel”

Personally, I’m very much up for another movie but the story has to be there. It seems very odd that they’d insist for so long that The Inbetweeners that we know and love was over only then to announce another movie. The bench has been set high with the first, let’s see what they can do with a second.

We’d love to know your thoughts on this in the comments below please. Do you want a second movie or should it be left in Crete?

  • The mighty Quinn

    I would not be surprised if its a university based film which then launches a follow on series due to the success of the 2nd film.