Last month, Jamie posted the first teaser trailer for supernatural horror 11-11-11 and now that has been followed up with a second teaser, rather than a full trailer.

This second teaser is intriguing in that it offers a wildly different style to the first one, which if pursued throughout the whole film seems  likely to result in an experience akin to watching the opening credit sequence to “Seven” for 90 minutes. We get rapid shifts in film stock, film stock melts, negatives, jolts and jumps, frame shakes and very little to help us understand what the film is really about (though the first trailer kind of covered that I suppose).

Obviously this sort of thing is very much the trend du jour, but it is a little tiring in this case. Essentially the film-makers are going to have to succeed in convincing us that a film in which “something” is coming through a mystical portal on a significant date (11-11-11) is not a load of old hokum, but rather a potentially affecting, unnerving horror piece. A few films of late have succeeded in generating great buzz from impressive trailers only to crash and burn in the face of critical opprobrium (Skyline, Battle: LA, maybe Sucker Punch as well?) and so I think we are all becoming a bit more cautious and withholding premature praise.

11-11-11 hits US theatres on 10th November 2011 (oh.) Until then, enjoy the new teaser below, with a full trailer surely not far off now.

Source: Bloody Disgusting.


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