class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-44694″ title=”Boardwalk Empire” src=”” alt=”” width=”259″ height=”172″ />This probably won’t come as a surprise for those who have been keeping track of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire in the blogosphere and tweetscape, but Vulture have reported that the twenties-set gangster show has been green-lit for a second series.

Having premiered in the US on Sunday evening, it was watched by 4.8 million viewers. When you take into account HBO having fewer than 29 million subscribers in the US, it’s an impressive tally.

Nabbing Martin Scorsese to direct the first episode was obviously a major coup, and with a cast made of well-established indie types (many with the same christian name) like Michael Pitt, Michael Shannon, Michael K. Williams (Omar from The Wire) and Steve Buscemi (another HBO affiliate, having directed and featuring in a number of Sopranos episodes), it looks like the gap between cinema and it’s small screen counterpart is growing increasingly smaller.