This week we finally got to see the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs The World which will be released in August and is directed by Edgar Wright. The film is based on a wonderful series of comic books by Bryan Lee O’Malley who this week announced details of the final book, Volume 6 – Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour. If news of the final volume and a trailer for the film wasn’t enough, now we have more details about the Scott Pilgrim video game.

The comics and the film are heavily influenced by video games so it was pretty obvious that there would be a video game but video game tie-ins are often terrible (Iron Man for instance). Today though we have very good news as more details have surfaced that hint at this being a game that will live up to the great source material.

Bryan Lee O’Malley has previously suggested that he was working closely with Ubisoft on the game. Paul Robertson has been brought on board to add a unique look to the game and today Attract Mode has posted exclusive screenshots that look great and really in keeping with the comics. I have embedded one of my favourites below but you should check them all out at Attract Mode.

We also learnt today that the soundtrack to the game is being supplied by Anamanaguchi, a New York band that play with hacked classic Nintendo consoles and create really fun lo-fi music. If you go over to Anamanaguchi presents Dawn Metropolis you can hear a load of the band’s tracks but embedded here is the theme to the Scott Pilgrim Game which they debuted live last night:

Also, I can highly reccomend checking out Paul Robertson’s short film ‘Pirate Baby’s Cabana Street Fight 2006’ for even more of an idea of how the game might look in action. Everything about this game sound amazing and I’m really looking forward to getting to play it. What are your thoughts?