Snaps of Scarlett Johansson have surfaced for a role which sees her use her female wiles in an altogether otherworldly premise.

In what sounds like a reworking of mid-nineties schlocky sci-fi/horror Species, The Avengers star is an extra terrestrial who takes the form of a beautiful woman as a cunning ruse to entrap human prey. Ooh err!

If you’re thinking the above doesn’t sound particularly promising, the good news is this sci-fi drama (entitled Under the Skin) is being directed by Sexy Beast’s Jonathan Glazer. The film marks his first big-screen outing since 2004’s underappreciated Nicole Kidman-headliner Birth, and based on a novel by the celebrated Dutch-born author Michael Faber, it’s safe to say this material will probably be as far removed from the aforementioned Roger Donaldson-directed creature feature as humanly possible.

Via Collider.