Fresh from Avataring and soon to be Clashing with those pesky Titans, Sam Worthington is making a huge name for himself in Hollywood.

He is, therefore, highly sought after and there’s a weird little rumour going around that Universal is looking to cast Worthington in a new vampire film called Dracula: Year Zero. Latino Review have a report from a ‘trusted source’ so make of it what you will, but the source claims that Universal are making D:YZ as a Vlad the Impaler – the Wonder Years, to quote the source,

Like back in Transylvania and sh*t.

Sounds all sorts of crazy, and an odd move for both studio and star if true. With The Wolfman about to howl his face off the Universal Monsters are coming around again, but isn’t a vampire flick a dead horse now? Is there any need to take up the time of a rising star to send him back to the Carpathians to encounter a rampant horde of Ottomen and face defeat, only to discover an ancient power that will help him defeat the opposing armies…but at a price?