Sam ClaflinFollowing the daily casting update for the lesser known roster of new characters from the sequel to The Hunger Games there comes an expected, but no less significant, casting announcement for Catching Fire.

Sam Claflin, perhaps best known for his work in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film and the recent Snow White and the Hunstman, has been cast as Finnick Odair, a survivor of the Games who now inhabits the Capitol enjoying his fame and fortune. The sequel revolves around the 75th Hunger Games and brings back the surviving champions – that’s how Finnick enters the mix, having won a decade earlier. Francis Lawrence is directing the film which sees Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amanda Plummer join the cast.

The casting of the character, though long-rumoured, may well propel Claflin to the dizzy heights of rabid fan-favouritism and that sound you can hear is a million fan pages being updated, preparing for the long wait until the film is released on the 22d of November next year.