Phillip Noyce-directed Salt may not have topped many people’s favourite film lists of last year, but it did turn almost 0m. from a 0m. budget, and now it’s looking like a sequel could well be on the cards, Deadline report.

After leaving the window open for a possible sequel at the close of the first film, Kurt Wimmer, who wrote the first Salt, has officially signed on and is now working on the script for the second film.

Director Phillip Noyce has said that he doesn’t plan on returning to helm the sequel, so with Wimmer now beginning to write the follow-up, Sony Pictures will no doubt be starting to look for a director to take his place. Personally, I think that Wimmer himself would make an excellent choice. Having written the original, he knows the characters, and I thought his directing in Equilibrium was brilliant. The studio may well decide to opt for a bigger name, with more directing experience, but I think Wimmer would be more than capable to tackle the job should he be considered.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Salt, Red, Transformers) talked to IGN at the end of last year and said,

“We’re definitely talking about the possibility of Salt 2… Angie, I know, loved that character, and would love to explore the character some more first and foremost.”

Having Angelina Jolie on board is of course of the utmost importance, and the project can’t really work without her approval. But given that she’s expressed interest already in making a sequel, it looks like everything is moving in the right direction for the project. With Wimmer now getting to work on penning the sequel, we can no doubt look forward to announcements of the director and cast in the coming months, and who else will be returning alongside Jolie.