Last night saw the World premiere of ‘Larry Crowne’ at Westfield, London. The film is written directed and starring Tom Hanks with co-star Julia Roberts. Hanks appeared at the premiere to the cry of hundreds of fans and we were there tweeting live on @heyuguyslive as the event happened.

While Hanks was out and about signing autographs, Sophie Ellis Bextor put on a show not once but twice to the delight of shoppers and film fans who had been getting prime location spots at the barriers since 11am that day!

Other guests at the event included reality TV stars, socialites, Cherie Blair and a man who only needs two syllables to resound his epic presence, David Hasslehoff aka ‘The Hoff’.

Hanks answered questions, posed for pictures and signed, signed, signed for fans. When HeyUGuys asked him about the possibility of doing more comedies akin to his classics The ‘burbs, Bachelor Party, and BIG.

“Ooooh, I think I’m too old now for doing those kinds of antics”, he smiled. “Honestly, you don’t want to see my saggy ass in something like Bachelor Party 2”.

Humbly and hilariously put when you hear it from the man himself. We even got him to rank the three after we ‘called all fans’ to voice their opinion via twitter, but Hanks ranked them as follows:

  1. BIG
  2. Bachelor Party
  3. The ‘burbs

We even got to catch up with David Hasselhoff, who said he’d known Tom a long time through mutual representatives. When we asked what his favourite T. Hanks flick was his reply left those with a finer knowledge of the movies grinning.

“The Philadelphia Story!”

It must have been from hanging around some many blondes over the years. He then joined Hanks on the escalator and regally waved to cheering crowd and burst of flashbulbs.

I know what you meant ‘The Hoff’, I know. Nevermind, c’mon lets get shirtless and run in slo-mo…….(Cue Baywatch theme).

On that mental image, enjoy these images from the evening below!

We got to interview Tom before the premiere also. You’ll be able to read the interview in full in the coming weeks. Larry Crowne is in UK cinemas 1st July.