Given the fact the venerable British filmmaker Sally Potter’s latest title is a politically charged comedy, it gave us the licence to speak about the state of modern British politics – during a fascinating interview with the talented director in London.

Potter speaks to us about the culture of fake news and whether it could threaten our democracy, while also speak about the effect Brexit had on the production, with the referendum taking place during the middle of the shoot – while we also ask if she believes the film would’ve changed had it been written now, as opposed to when it was. We also discuss the decision to present this in black and white, and on releasing a movie just 71 minutes long.

Watch the full interview below…


After she receives a promotion and becomes the secretary of health, a British cabinet politician and her academic husband host a soiree for the political and intellectual elite that ends with blood on the floor.

The Party is released on October 13th, and you can read our review here.