In Ruth & Alex Academy award winners Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton play a long-time married couple who, after deciding to sell their Brooklyn artist flat, have quite the eventful weekend.

Screened at the Goteborg Film Festival 2015 to a full theatre, this intelligent comedy directed by Richard Loncraine, is about love, life and real estate.

The film opens with Alex (Freeman) just coming back from picking up coffee with their dog and walking up all the steps to the apartment they have lived in for 40 years. Ruth’s niece, played by Cynthia Nixon, is a busy real estate agent and arranges an Open House for Ruth and Alex just to test the waters and see what kind of interest their apartment can get. She gives Ruth (Keaton) tips on how to make the apartment seem more attractive which includes cleaning up Alex’s art studio, tidying up all the clutter (his paintings).

It doesn’t matter whether the bridge is closed and the city is on high alert of a possible terrorist attack or that they must rush their beloved pet to the hospital emergency, the Open House must go on.

The couple begin to re-examine their lives; moments when Ruth announced her marriage to her African-American boyfriend to her family’s dismay to when Alex had his very first gallery show which was well attended.

When they first moved into their flat, they were the new young couple moving into the building to the dismay of the older neighbours, but now times have changed and so has the neighbourhood. Over the years, they have shared many memories in that apartment, and although it is difficult to think about selling it, both seem, finally, willing to take that chance.

Freeman and Keaton have wonderful chemistry as a married couple and seeing them bicker with the real estate agents and each another is quite entertaining. Charming and delightful, Ruth & Alex, is a feel good comedy that looks fondly on life and growing old. A crowd-pleaser that will appeal to all audiences, it is definitely a film worth checking out.