There is no doubt that a love of Star Wars got a lot of people interested in the internet. The first time I saw someone logging on to the web it was to find a Jedi chat room (he used Lycos as a search engine – that’s how long ago it was), and throughout the Special Editions and the hype and misplaced hope for the Prequels rumour and hearsay was at a premium. As George Lucas once said*, ‘it has a sort of echo, it’s like poetry,’ that Harry Knowles, self-appointed Geeklord, is the one to excitedly shout this working title for the biggest film in the geekosphere.

Star Wars Episode VII, according to ‘Col. Mustard’ and several source, has the subtitle of The Ancient Fear. Jedi-quick minds will flit to the subtitle for Episode IV: A New Hope and see the immediate logic to this title. Of course it is easy to make this leap and claim it is the new title, and this is a completely unconfirmed rumour as of right now, and there’s nothing in the current Star Wars lexicon to suggest this is a call back to something. Yet it’s a decent, understated title. I still remember the internet snarkmobile revving up with The Phantom Menace was announced. It’s certainly much better than that.

The report over on AICN also makes reference to Max Von Sydow as the villain, which would make sense if Adam Driver was the apprentice to Von Sydow’s Sith master – but surely we’ve been down this road before? How many master/apprentice journeys can this saga hang on?

Ok, that’s the rumoured title. Let’s hope we get official confirmation soon, but if it does turn out to be The Ancient Fear – I’m happy with that.



*paraphrasingly of course.