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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has divided fans and critics alike, but it seems as if everyone agrees that there’s at least some room for improvement in the Marc Webb directed sequel.

As a lifelong fan of the iconic Marvel character, it’s hard not to be a little more critical than the regular moviegoer. However, it’s just as difficult imagining that some of the glaring errors below didn’t also strike a chord with those who have never even picked up a comic book.

The Amazing Spider-Man had some minor issues, but it was ultimately a solid reboot for the franchise which had everyone excited for the sequel. Where did it all go wrong?! That’s what we set out to explore here.

We’re sure that you have your own thoughts and feelings about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the following suggestions, let us know.

Oh, and Spidey-Spoilers abound, but you knew that right?

10. Franchise Building


In a recent interview, Dane DeHaan revealed that Sony didn’t decide to incorporate any of the Sinister Six world building elements until roughly halfway through production. That more than likely just led to the addition of the final scene between Harry Osborn and the Man in the Hat (revealed to be Gustav Fiers, an obscure character from a series of Sinister Six novels who bears little resemblance to this version), but the fact that the Rhino was shoehorned in for a brief battle we didn’t even get to see the conclusion of could also have been a result of this.

Scenes from the trailer such as Norman Osborn talking about having plans for Peter Parker and Harry telling Peter that Oscorp had been watching makes us wonder just how different the film would have been had these Sinister Six connections not been crammed in at the last minute. The fact that Sony are trying to make a number of franchises out of a single character seems desperate at best, and a movie focusing on a group of villains is hard to get excited over.

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