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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has divided fans and critics alike, but it seems as if everyone agrees that there’s at least some room for improvement in the Marc Webb directed sequel.

As a lifelong fan of the iconic Marvel character, it’s hard not to be a little more critical than the regular moviegoer. However, it’s just as difficult imagining that some of the glaring errors below didn’t also strike a chord with those who have never even picked up a comic book.

The Amazing Spider-Man had some minor issues, but it was ultimately a solid reboot for the franchise which had everyone excited for the sequel. Where did it all go wrong?! That’s what we set out to explore here.

We’re sure that you have your own thoughts and feelings about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the following suggestions, let us know.

Oh, and Spidey-Spoilers abound, but you knew that right?

10. Franchise Building


In a recent interview, Dane DeHaan revealed that Sony didn’t decide to incorporate any of the Sinister Six world building elements until roughly halfway through production. That more than likely just led to the addition of the final scene between Harry Osborn and the Man in the Hat (revealed to be Gustav Fiers, an obscure character from a series of Sinister Six novels who bears little resemblance to this version), but the fact that the Rhino was shoehorned in for a brief battle we didn’t even get to see the conclusion of could also have been a result of this.

Scenes from the trailer such as Norman Osborn talking about having plans for Peter Parker and Harry telling Peter that Oscorp had been watching makes us wonder just how different the film would have been had these Sinister Six connections not been crammed in at the last minute. The fact that Sony are trying to make a number of franchises out of a single character seems desperate at best, and a movie focusing on a group of villains is hard to get excited over.

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  • wat

    I disagree with pretty much everything but Electro and the puns. Both were cringe-worthy.

  • The Walking Cuban

    Now it’s my turn to watch a movie and play catch up with everybody else lol

  • wat

    It was a pretty good movie. I think Andrew Garfield is a perfect Spider-Man.

  • The Walking Cuban

    Agree witcha on Garfield. I can’t wait to take my son to see it. He cracked up on part 1 when he was typing and the keys stuck to his fingers.

  • wat

    Haha your son will like this one.

  • The Walking Cuban

    No doubt

  • billy

    He missed something. The camera work during the Richard Parker fight scene was terrible.

  • Miles

    As a guy who has been reading spidey for years now(favorite series is ultimate by bendis) i can say this is the best spider man movie to date i get people get nostalgia boners for Raimi’s trilogy. Those movies did not depict peter good at all they barley teased his intelligence. Mary jane was a damsel in distress at the end of every single movie and spider mans villains found some nice way to die(besides sandman). Gwen was only damsel in distress once and that’s because her choice was to be their for peter and to help him she didn’t get kidnapped and was helpless the whole time. Also the peter Gwen relationship has so much more chemistry and more believable than peters and Mary janes(yes it might be because Andrew Garfield and Emma stone are dating in real life) the only sort of emotion i felt for Raimis triology might have been when harry died and i wasn’t even that sad.*SPOILERS* The final act of this film had me on the edge of my seat my heart racing and i knew she was going to die but while pete was trying to hold the web and fight goblin at the same time my heart dropped i couldn’t take it and as she was falling and we saw in her eyes that she accepted her fate she accepted she will never goto oxford or get to marry peter or even have kids and that moment right we she hit the ground the theater was so quite we could hear a pen drop. It was a shock to my system a truly powerful scene. I even got jerked up when pete was talking to aunt may about his parents and they both started crying. The old trilogy didn’t explore peters relationship with aunt may at all they didn’t seem to care about eachother. This is my favorite spider man movie to date. Especially because i have never cried to a superhero movie before this. My final feeling is im the little boy facing the rhino(Raimi trilogy) and when all hope is gone the amazing spider man shows up and gives me hope to a better future.


  • Will Stark

    I can’t believe you overlooked the whole “Roosevelt” thing. Peter’s dad is going to protect the world from what Oscorp is up to by downloading a video to a lab in a secret base in an abandoned subway station. The lab itself is in a subway train hidden underground. Who on earth would do this ? Did Richard Parker moonlight for some Bond villains ? Oh, and the hidden subway train can only be accessed by special subway tokens, which are themselves hidden in Richard Parker’s old calculator.
    How likely is it that anyone in the Parker family would keep an old calculator, let alone look inside it ?
    Do you have any idea how long it would take for one guy (who had a fulltime job AND family) to create that whole lab-in-a-train hidden underneath the tracks ? Months, at least. And for what ? For a dopey plan to expose his boss that logically would have never worked.
    Yeah, I get that Richard Parker died unexpectedly but if he had time to construct a secret lab-in-a-train, he had time to come up with plan with a much better chance of exposing Norman Osborn.

  • stupid

    lol whoever wrote this is fucking retarded and have no idea what they’re talking about. this was the best spider-man movie so far.

  • Tristen Magnoni

    I still don’t understand the wifi problem. I know it’s not mentioned in this article but it gets thrown around a lot. I hear that it’s unrealistic to have wifi 10 years ago. Last I checked that’s 2004. Wifi became available in 1991 to some cashiers. Then became in use by some companies in 1999. It was extremely unlikely to have wifi but it was Oscorp and last I checked they had super technology.
    Despite the flaws I liked it. The first movie kinda made me bored. I actually fell asleep watching it. This movie however kinda makes me want to watch it again. And I think the chemistry between Peter and Gwen felt relatable. It reminded me of my relationship. A little too much to the point I actually started crying when I watched it the second time.(first time I made fun of it because that’s what I do with my family. Even with good movies) I also find Garfield perfect. I am tired of the whole “ugly geek has to play spiderman” thing. While I guess that does help geeks in one way it kinda shows that geeks can’t be cool. Just because he may ride a skateboard does not mean he is not a geek. His interest in science is still there and well if we had some science guy who couldn’t relate to a normal audience then Peter wouldn’t feel right. His personality seemed more normal than Toby who was cool at times but he was awkward at others. ESPECIALLY Spiderman 3. Also Garfield seems like a great Spiderman. I mean could do less puns and explore other jokes but otherwise he seemed awesome. His origin being changed didn’t bother me really. The whole spider thing seemed kinda stupid and I kinda got tired of hearing “with great power comes great responsibility” for the 157th time. So twisting it and explaining there twist along with more twists kinda created something more original and fresh.
    I kinda can’t wait for the next. Hopefully some improvements could be done but I did hear that venom will be darker which is what I hope. I don’t want any punches pulled. I also hope Marvel doesn’t get Spiderman… yet. I would like this one to finish or for that one deal to change to allow the films to coexist. I would like a Civil War film with spidey but not in the way Marvel wants. I know they won’t reboot him technically but it’s annoying. Just stick with this one. If you hate the story then just steer it somewhere safe. Maybe delete the second movie from canon. Hate romance and want a older spidey? Make him older and downplay the romance in the next movies. Keep the actor’s. I enjoyed them quite a bit. Keep parts of the story. Deleting completely just sounds wrong.