Having made her mark in Made in Dagenham, An Education and a turn in the Joe Wright Pride and Prejudice adaptation Rosamund Pike’s career trajectory is now firmly heading to America with a role with Bruce Willis in Surrogate and forthcoming roles in Wrath of the Titans and David Frankel’s The Big Year and potentially with One Shot, the ‘Tom Cruise is Lee Child’s Jack Reacher’ film.

Deadline have it that she is talking to Paramount for the role of defence attorney Helen Rodin who works with Cruise’s Reacher to get her client off while the true culprit of a serial killer who uses a sniper rifle to take people out escapes justice and a spell in the slammer. Director Christopher McQuarrie’s only other directing outing was the excellent 2000 film The Way of the Gun which he also wrote, s big things are expected.

Next up for Pike is a role in Johnny English Reborn which is out on the 7th of October so let’s hope she lands the One Shot role eh?