With Josh Brolin now confirmed as the lead in Spike Lee’s remake of the cult Korean (dare we say classic?) vengeance film Old Boy, it is with a high level of excitement that we bring you the news that Rooney Mara, the new Girl With The Dragon Tattoo herself, will now be joining the cast.

The news, although not 100% yet as no formal offer has been accepted according to the Twitch report, comes amidst rumours that Christian Bale may also be joining the cast as Josh Brolin’s captor.

For those uninitiated, Old Boy tells of a man who, after being mysteriously held captive for 15 years, is set free from his cell and given the task of finding out who put him there and why. Mara will be going along for the ride as his female companion, whilst Bale will be playing the man who imprisoned him in the first place.

If the rumours are true Lee’s version of Oldboy will have quite the acting chops, but whether it will live up to the highly acclaimed original we just can’t say. If he stays true to the story, however, we’ll see Brolin and Mara’s characters going through a pretty twisted situation indeed.