Robin Hood 3DWith Avatar gaining almost unanimous praise for its use of 3D in bringing a truly immersive cinematic experience it has the potential to prove once and for all that 3D is on its way to becoming a default option for all big studio releases.

AICN (via TheWrap) have a roundup of new and future 3D related rumours with Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood film the next big thing to be getting the third dimension.

One of the recurring themes in Avatar reviews is that of a truly unique, and importantly cinematic, experience. You will not see the same film at home, no matter how big your TV, or how sharp your Blu-ray resolution; Avatar is one of the first films in a long time that is being touted as the future of cinema – meaning that if studios and director can bring people into the cinemas with something that they can only experience in that environment then piracy and the dwindling time gap between a cinema and subsequent DVD release should be less of a problem in maximising the Box Office profits.

I’ve got no problem with the notion of 3D, I don’t agree that people should have to pay more for the glasses, but if a new technology can offer something tangibly different to a 2D experience then I’m all for it (as long as it doesn’t delay the release of a film I’m really looking forward to – Cabin in the Woods for one.)