The end of Prometheus teased the birth of what may have been an early version of the Xenomorphs, but if you’re expecting to see them or the classic Alien’s return in the follow-up to that prequel, think again!

“The Beast is done,” director Sir Ridley Scott revealed in a recent interview when asked whether that tease would lead to a larger role for the beloved H.R. Giger creation in the long delayed Prometheus sequel. “I got lucky meeting Giger all those years ago. It’s very hard to repeat that. I just happen to be the one who forced it through because they said it’s obscene. They didn’t want to do it and I said, ‘I want to do it, it’s fantastic.’”

Unfortunately, Scott believes the Xenomorphs have now had their day. “But after four, I think it wears out a little bit. There’s only so much snarling you can do. I think you’ve got to come back with something more interesting. And I think we’ve found the next step. I thought the Engineers were quite a good start.”

Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are expected to return for Prometheus 2 on March 4th, 2016.

As for the Blade Runner sequel, Scott said: “It’s on the charts. I can’t say when that would be yet, because of [Harrison Ford’s] thing with ‘Star Wars.’ It’s a sequel. It’s what happens next. It’s quite surprisingly clever.”

It sounds like a lot depends on Ford’s involvement in Star Wars Episode VIII and Episode IX then!