Ridley Scott may have a set of Alien prequels and a game of Monopoly in his future but that doesn’t stop him planning ahead.

Deadline reports today that Scott is talking to Leonardo DiCaprio about taking the lead role in his adaptation of Jordan Belfort’s The Wolf of Wall Street, his recollection of life on the hedonistic crest of the stock market wave in the 90s.

DiCaprio, whose star turn in Christopher Nolan’s Inception impressed us when we saw it recently, has been attached to Clint Eastwood’s forthcoming biopic of J.Edgar Hoover, but considering DiCaprio was in cahoots with Martin Scorsese to bring The Wolf of Wall Street to the big screen some years back it seems likely he’ll still be keen to get involved, particularly if his Body of Lies director Scott is behind the camera. You may remember the rumours of DiCaprio and Ridley Scott teaming up to take on Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and this may come to nothing either, particularly as the two have ongoing projects which will take them a while to find space in the schedule.

With Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps out this year it seems that the subject of stock market shenanigans is almost as high as updated fairy tales on the list of The Next Big Thing.