class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-40429″ title=”Reynolds and Cooper” src=”” alt=”” width=”187″ height=”211″ />Two of Hollywood’s most sought after stars, Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper (who were both up for Green Lantern at one point), are planning to team up in for an (as yet) untitled action-comedy.

The film, written by Sheldon Turner who penned The Longest Yard, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and Up in the Air (spot the odd one out), will follow the duo as they play San Francisco cops who coax their ex-law enforcement fathers (who were also partners together) out of retirement to help crack a major case.

One of the producers onboard is Neal Moritz, veteran of both the xXx films and the Fast and Furious series, so expect the terms “high octane” and “big laughs” to be bandied around when this rolls into production after Cooper manages to shake off another Hangover (the sequel to last year’s mammoth hit is gearing up for a forthcoming shoot in Thailand).

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for this story.