Jennifers-Body-1927From the creative mind of Oscar Winner Diablo Cody, who after her teenage comedy/drama Juno delivers her take on the horror genre staring Megan Fox as a demon possessed cheerleader man eater who terrorizes the small town of Devil’s Kettle and it’s down to her nerdy nervy best friend Needy to stop her (that’s fun to say).

After the success of Juno I think it’s safe to say everyone was hoping for something equally enjoyable and well written and a different take on the Horror movie but alas it’s one of the most predictable horror films I’ve seen with some equally terrible dialogue and acting, mainly from Megan Fox. Also on board on directing duties is Karyn Kusama who directed the awful Aeon Flux and Juno Director Jason Reitman who produces.megan-fox-in-jennifers-body

The plot of the film was ridiculous, Two teenagers Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) and Anita “Needy” Lesnicky (Amanda Seyfried) are best friends and always have been but have grown up taking different paths, Jennifer is beautiful, popular and a centre of attention and Needy is a simple, less popular bland girl, although it’s an obvious disguise of dressing an attractive actress in geeky glasses and unstyled hair to give the appearance of an ugly duckling who inevitably blossoms at the end of the film, they are unlikely friends and it’s obvious Jennifer has outgrown Needy as she has nothing to offer to Jennifer’s world apart from making her look good.

Jennifer decides the girls are to go see Myspace hit rockband called Low Shoulder that are visiting Devil’s Kettle to perform a gig at a sleazy venue where their hidden intention is to find a virgin to sacrifice in a ritual to the devil in exchange for world wide stardom and have hair like Maroon 5. A BIG problem then when the band pick the slutty dressed Jennifer, who looks as much like a virgin as a crocodile looks like a duck, instead of choosing Jennifer’s friend Needy and then for some unknown reason the venue burns down, the girls escape as do the band.

Jennifers Body movie image Amanda Seyfried and Megan FoxThe band take Jennifer away and perform the sacrificial ritual but as she is not a virgin the band get their wish of stardom but Jennifer is possessed by a demon as she is no virgin. And so Jennifer returns to Needy covered in blood and acting a bit peculiar, vomiting black blood and screaming a beast roar which was awfully overacted that received a universal chuckle from the audience and that is pretty much the set up.

Jennifer continues to roam Devil’s Kettle seducing then killing a mixture of High School clichéd boys, a Jock, a Goth, an Indian exchange student etc to ensure she keeps her beauty because if she doesn’t feast she becomes ugly and her body deteriorates, Needy realizes that something is up with Jennifer and knows she has to stop her.

The film climax’s with a stand off between the girls and Needy’s boyfriend which was embarrassingly awful with flying demons and over dramatic mature dialogue spouting out of these teenagers mouths that was utterly unbelievable, especially when delivered by a talent-less actress like Fox, and for me the dialogue is what made the film annoying to watch, it just didn’t fit the film where as it worked so well in Juno, maybe due to Juno having a stronger acting talent.

After Needy dispatches Jennifer in a nice scene of fallen friendship that removes the Demon from her body and returns her needyback to normal but lifeless, Jennifer’s mum walks in seeing Needy kneeling over her bloody bloody with a knife which takes Needy to prison.

It then falls into chaos creating a story of Needy being infected by demon powers after being bitten by Jennifer, escaping a mental asylum, hunting down the band Low Shoulder, killing them and escaping free, all in about 5 minutes which seemed to be a bit rushed.

The film tried so hard to be a horror film at points with some very predictable jumps and scares  that with an annoying rock soundtrack it fails at every attempt, it loses what the underlining story is suppose to be about which is the unlikely friendship of the two main characters and of their bond being tested due to the Demon possessing Jennifer’s body, but I gave up on it after a very impromptu lesbian scene which came out of nowhere and ended abruptly with no explanation what so ever as to why it happened, especially when Needy knows what Jennifer is but yet still goes all out for a dirty demon snog, a scene for fan’s of Megan Fox I presume, but completely pointless.

JKS1-1024x680There was also a strange role of the school science teacher played by J.K.Simmons as Mr. Wroblewski, a man with 70’s mullet perm and prosthetic arm and a mysterious past, he added some decent lines and humor to the film but there was never enough of him on the screen. It did seem he had a knowledge of what was going on but that was never explained.

Overall the film will draw a good number of people to see it, mainly horror fans, Megan fans, and fans that think it’s a vampire film which it seemed to me as to how it has been promoted, and these people will probably enjoy it as it’s filmed nicely and some of the locations were nicely put together like the final showdown in an abandoned swimming pool which had been over taken by tree roots which looked amazing but for me it all lacked a killer punch and quality to bring to a satisfying conclusion but an ok Halloween film compared some of the dribble that’s normally released.

5 out 10 – with out Megan Fox maybe a 7