Fast and Furious CoverFast and Furious is the fourth installment of the franchise and although you may think that some marketing team at Universal ┬áhave made a mistake somewhere naming it the same as the original movie, fear not as they have cleverly left ‘THE’ out of the name! This is another digital movies that I have watched on my iTouch given to us very kindly by Universal Pictures.

Fast and Furious 3 suffered slightly as they decided to leave crows favourite, Vin Diesel out of the lineup other than a brief cameo at the end of the movie. The nod to the fourth we thought…. And we were right!

Spoilers Ahead!!
Fast and FuriousThe latest version is directed by Justin Lin is based back in the good ‘ol US of A and reunites all of the cast from the original movie to try and boost ratings. The storyline puts Bryan (Paul Walker) back at the FBI in the hunt to rid the land of some illegal drug smugglers who are using mega suped up cars to bring the drugs into the US through secret tunnels in the mountains.

Diesel enters the movie still on the run from the law and becomes entangled with the gang when Michelle Rodriguez’s character is killed off in the first 20 minutes of the movie. This in itself is a big problem because you can’t reunite the cast for 20 minutes can you!? This to me was a big disappointment and made the story a bit silly.

Fast and FuriousThe whole concept was a strange one in the first movie but was vaguely believable but this plot is just naff. The effects are one again, excellent, but the cars that were once exciting and new in the 2001 movie have now lost their wow factor. Having secret tunnels in giant mountains is just stupid and with lack of story that is anywhere near to be believed, this one doesn’t live up to the franchise that made it famous.

5/10 I’m afraid people.

Fast and Furious is available to buy on Blu Ray and DVD now or buy online through iTunes here.