class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-8027″ title=”Did you Hear About the Morgans Poster” src=”×150.jpg” alt=”” width=”220″ height=”150″ />It’s nice to see a romantic comedy full of clichés with a predictable end for a change! In the current times of economic instability – there are more and more films with no happy endings. “Did you hear about the Morgans?” is not like that – it’s so predictable that you feel like you may have seen ten times before! And you’re probably right as writer/director Marc Lawrence has previously written /directed films like “Two Weeks Notice”, “Music and Lyrics” and “Miss Congeniality”.

Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker are Paul and Meryl Morgan – a highly successful but estranged Manhattan couple who are relocated under the FBI’s witness relocation program to a small town in Wyoming after witnessing a murder by a professional killer. In Wyoming, the couple are taken in by married U.S. Marshals Clay and Emma Wheeler (played by Sam Elliot and Mary Steenburgen) who totally steal the show with their natural charm and down-to-earth humour.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant play characters that they have played hundreds of times before. It’s like pop-corn – almost the same everywhere and every time – so your expectations are never let down: several funny jokes, some romance under the stars, horses and cows, assistants with Blackberries, Central park trees and lights of the city.

Hugh Grant plays the same guy he played in previous Marc Lawrence’s movies (“Two Weeks Notice” and “Music and Lyrics”). It’s actually striking how nothing has changed in his performance. I highly suspect that he wears the same suit – it goes very well with his particular facial expression of boredom and charm.

As for the main female part in Marc Lawrence’s films – in previous movies it was either charming Drew Barrymore or naturally funny Sandra Bullock (who has been busy filming “The Proposal” and “All about Steve”). In “Morgans” it’s Sarah Jessica Parker who we last saw in “Sex and the City” except now she is not in the city and there is no sex! Here she is Paul Morgan’s estranged wife whom he tries to win back – not quite sure why – she is a workaholic, hysteric, and doesn’t really love him or maybe she does according to the script but not on screen.

Again, it’s like pop-corn – it’s easy to chew, pretty much the same in the world – so you know what you are getting. Morgan’s promises you easy two hours and delivers it. (Although not if you have recently seen a bunch of great films – it’ll be as hard as eating pop-corn right after a delicious steak).

Mr Lawrence is re-using the same recipe he used in his films before – only now trying to make it more serious and it doesn’t work. Seriousness only dried pop-corn. It takes a long while for chemistry between Morgans to achieve a believable status and when it does – it’s too late and we see final credits.

If you decide to go and watch this movie, just relax and enjoy….. and don’t forget your pop-corn!!