Amerian Virgin DVD CoverAmerican Virgin, from the title alone gives the impression that it could be a movie that you can take or leave! It’s in the sort of American Pie style and is a movie you can put on an instaly forget about but does that mean that it’s worth watching? It stars Rob Schneider (“˜’Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo’) & Jenna Dewan (“˜Step Up’).

Synopsis: Priscilla White, is smart, sexy and pure as the driven snow. She’s poster girl for the ‘Can’t Hurry Love’ abstinence-before-marriage group, vowing to stay true until she marries her high school sweetheart. But when Priscilla gets to college on a scholarship, she finds herself rooming with Naz, a flashy, filthy and precocious party girl extraordinaire who’s determined to make her 7th year of school the most outrageous yet.

Wanting her to fit in her new surroundings, Naz drags Priscilla into the social whirl until one disastrous party finds her waking up with more than just a hangover to worry about. This American virgin discovers that in her drunken debauchery, she was star performer in a jaw-dropping audition for Crazy Ed the wild, eccentric producer of the infamous hit cable show ‘Chicks Go Crazy’.

With a permanent video record of her depraved antics speeding their way across the country, Priscilla grabs her friends for a riotous, hilarious pursuit to reclaim the incriminating footage and her dignity before the whole country sees what she’s really got to offer.

The movie is one to put on if you have a rainy day afternoon and want some laughs from a movie that you can forget about pretty quickly. The main cast all bounce off one another quite well with Schneider being his his usual cheeky self but I wouldn’t say this is one of his best movies. I think he’s better appearing in the background of Adam Sandler movies with much funnier scenes.

American Virgin is out on both DVD and Blu Ray on 5th October. I’ve embedded the trailer below if you want a glimpse of what you can expect in the movie.