When pressing play on a Sundance film you can never be sure what you’re in for. Some films can catch you by surprise with their quality, message, and, unpredictability. Some films can just absolute shock you. Resurrection is one of those movies.

Resurrection is a psychological horror/thriller that left me absolutely shaking and bewildered long past the credits. Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth take on roles unlike anything they have been in before, and two actors of such high acclaim and talent take the disturbing material to another level.

A film like Resurrection is best experienced with as little to no knowledge of the plot that you can manage. But, I’ll attempt to try to give you the most spoiler-free depiction.

Rebecca Hall masterfully portrays Margaret, a single mother who has a massive secret that has come back to haunt her and her daughter. The film starts tense and it’s clear that something very evil is lurking. When Margaret goes to her oven, she makes a discovery that is about as disturbing and shocking as anything I have seen in a long time. From there complete chaos and hysteria ensue which leaves the audience uncomfortable and unsure of what to believe or what will happen next.

It seems every time Hall comes to Sundance she leaves an incredible impression, whether it be as a Director with Passing, or acting in Christine. Hall has been one of my favorite actresses of the last 10 years and she only further cemented that status with Resurrection.

Andrew Semans directs a film that feels like a blend of horror genres. He crafts a disorienting narrative that is constantly unsettling but at times slightly meandering and repetitive. This is one of those movies where you feel with lesser actors it may leave little to no impression. But Hall, and a disturbing Roth make sure this is a film that will be impossible to forget.

Sadly, as the film spirals out of control, so too does its narrative and quality. The unease and confusion just becomes frustrating, but don’t worry it still delivers an ending as shocking and grotesque as I can remember.

Resurrection isn’t for the weak of heart, or ones that want a pleasant viewing experience. But if you are looking for something unlike anything you have ever seen, then it is worth a watch.