To celebrate the release of Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon: Part One, we spoke to the director and stars of the film.

Set in space, Rebel Moon sees an evil villainous sect invade a humble planet in order to harvest their crops. However, one woman stands up against the wicked regime and seeks out the best fighters across the galaxy to unite in her cause.

We spoke to Zack Snyder about crafting his space legacy, especially the character design of beloved robot Jimmy. We also spoke with Sofia Boutella and Ed Skrein about playing the main hero and the dastardly villain respectively, as well as working with stunt teams on fight sequences.

We chatted to Michel Huisman, Ray Fisher, and E Duffy about the varying levels of honour within the film whilst we also spoke with Djimon Housou and Staz Nair about how Rebel Moon adapts from world history and corruption.