This week, the Sony Crime Channel is launching a new series called Bizarre Murders. Running for a total of fifty-two episodes, it debuts tonight at 10pm and takes a look at everything from a murderer who lives in his victim’s cupboard to twelve women who came together to plan the demise of their cheating boyfriend. And they’re not the craziest ones!

For example, we also see a murderer who was caught after his footprint was left in a hot dog bun next to the victim’s body, while wrestling fans will no doubt want to tune in to find out what happened when twin Mexican midget wrestlers were killed by fake prostitutes. We’re barely scratching the surface and it’s clearly going to be essential viewing! Bizarre MurdersTo celebrate the launch of the series, we’re taking a look at five of the most compelling real life crime shows you need to watch. They’re not as crazy as the crimes Bizarre Murders will be covering but there’s a lot here for fans of the genre to get exciting about and if you’re looking for a companion series to Sony’s latest series, then any one of these will do nicely…

sony crime channelBizarre Murders begins tonight, the 2nd of July on Sony Crime Channel – Freeview 60, Sky 157, Freesat 143 and Virgin 193.

5. The Staircase

After originally debuting on television back in 2004, Netflix has re-released The Staircase with additional content addressing some of the many theories and new pieces of evidence which have surfaced since it first aired. Revolving around the investigation into Michael Peterson, a man accused of murdering his wife, it delves deep into what really happened.

The filmmakers are there from the very start and there are plenty of big twists and turns which will leave you reeling. The Staircase got everyone talking – the shockingly likely theory than an owl was somehow responsible is a highlight – and there’s not a better time to now delve back into this compelling and often bizarre real-life crime investigation.

4. Mindhunter


This may be a drama but if you’re looking for some fascinating insights into how the FBI came up with their incredible methods of profiling a perpetrator, this is a real must-watch. Heading back to the 1970s, the show is based on the real-life experiences of former FBI Agent John E. Douglas and the lengths he went to in order to understand psychopaths.

Today, profiling like this plays a huge role in attempting to identify murderers and going back to where it all began and getting an in-depth look at the work which was required to establish that as something which could be used by law enforcement is fascinating. It also touches on a lot of real-life killings, providing some insight into what went on with them.

3. OJ: Made In America

The OJ Simpson trial has been covered in countless documentaries, dramas, and movies but if you’re looking for a definitive guide to what exactly happened, this is essential viewing. Diving into the man behind the controversy and public profile, the show looks at the murder trial (including the social conditions surrounding it) and the actual case.

Each episode is feature-length at 90 minutes but there’s no fluff here and it’s gripping viewing from start to finish. Regardless of how much you do or do not know about OJ Simpson and this now iconic trial, you’ll find that this is even more gripping than the People vs OJ: American Crime Story drama which gripped moviegoers when it aired a while back.

2. Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist

evil geniusEven if you don’t know the details, you’ve no doubt heard of the American bank robber who had a bomb attached to his neck and was reportedly forced to steal that money before it detonated outside the bank, instantly killing him. This documentary finally sheds some light on what really happened and the story is crazier than you could have ever imagined.

While we don’t ever really get any definitive answers, enough evidence is presented here to get a clearer picture of what went on and it’s truly bizarre. Despite being a tad overlong and sometimes veering off the case itself, we learn that the victim of this robbery may not have been as innocent as expected and you’re left to come to your own conclusion!

1. Making A Murderer

Making A Murderer

Netflix’s first real foray into real-life crime documentaries, Making A Murderer had the entire world gripped to their television screens thanks to the thorough and fascinating look at the Steve Avery case delivering countless twists and turns. Avery was convicted of rape and then accused of murder after being released and he’s remained behind bars ever since.

The show managed to have real-life ramifications as the case has been re-opened and a sequel is now in the works which will follow Avery’s lawyer as she presents new evidence in a bid to get the various convictions which came out of this case overturned. Expect to feel a range of emotions watching this series but you need to take a look because it’s amazing.