While a solid serving of Equine induced sniffles may be denied to us here in the UK on Christmas Day Steven Spielberg’s second film of the year enters cinemas across the pond in a couple of weeks and there’s a new clip available if you’re currently fence-straddled.

This new clip is introduced by Jeremy Irvine who heads up the bipedal cast as Albert, the young boy who follows his horse to war, and features Benedict Cumberbatch about to lead the troops into battle.

Cumberbatch has had a pretty fine coupld of years himself with the BBC’s Sherlock and a leading role in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy to his credit, and Tom Hiddleston, another young actor who made a good impression in Thor and later The Deep Blue Sea, is also glimsped here.

Here’s the clip all the way from the land of Yahoo,