Rapturepalooza-LogoWith an absolutely stellar leading comedic cast, Rapture-Palooza has definitely got a lot of potential going for it.

Due out in the US this spring, the film sees Anna Kendrick and Craig Robinson take the lead, and now the first red-band trailer – very much not suitable for work – has debuted on IGN.

“When the Apocalypse actually happens and a billion people are raptured up to heaven, Lindsey and her boyfriend Ben are left behind in suburban Seattle. The young couple try their best to lead a normal life surrounded by talking locusts, blood rain showers, and pot-smoking wraiths. But when the Anti-Christ makes his home base in their neighborhood, Lindsey finds herself the object of his affection. With the help of her family, friends, and a lawn-mowing zombie neighbor, the young couple set off to stop the Anti-Christ from taking her as his bride… and just maybe, saving the world in the process.”

Starring alongside Kendrick and Robinson is a brilliant supporting cast, led by John Francis Daley, Rob Corddry, Thomas Lennon, and Ken Jeong.

And that is really a cast that you can’t argue with.

Paul Middleditch is behind the camera here, directing from a script penned by Chris Matheson (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure).

Whilst this first trailer has a slightly different tone to what I was expecting from this movie, I’m still looking forward to it, because the principal cast is just so very good. I love everything that Anna Kendrick and Craig Robinson do, and when you throw in John Francis Daley, you’re onto something good.

Rapture-Palooza is set to be released in theatres and through VOD in the US on 10th May. No word yet on a UK release date, but here’s to hoping that we might see it arrive on our shores later in the year. For now, here’s the first trailer. And a final reminder:

This is very NSFW.