Ever wanted to see what Home Alone would be like if it was rated R?  How about if you gave the kid a few machine guns, would you want to see it then?  (Your answers should be ‘Yes’ to both).   Well it looks like your fantasies may be coming true thanks to Finnish director Jalmari Helander.

The man behind the creepy but smart holiday film, Rare Exports, is already underway with his next project.  A film he described to Total Film as  “Home Alone with machine guns.”

He is currently writing the script to his second film and says that not only will it be pretty violent but “it will be a totally English language film with a big budget, an action movie. It’s something like Home Alone meets Rambo, it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

First off, Home Alone was fun to begin with, but then again so was Rambo.  Could his follow-up feature be the funnest movie of 2012?  God I hope so!  I know when I was younger I would always think about what I would do if I was ever in a situation like Macaulay Culkin and so I created a stock pile of smoke and fart bombs.  Imagine what could have done with a paintball gun – let alone a machine gun.  Your imagination would run rampant with that thought.

My thoughts are that this film is going to have an army break into the house after the initial men get leveled by a child.  All I have to say is GET PUMPED! Because we got a wild film coming our way.