With the DCEU possibly seeking a new butler to go with its new live action Batman, a familiar face (well, a familiar voice) has made known his desire to move from an animated Alfred to a live action one. Ralph Fiennes, who voiced the meticulous manservant in 2017’s LEGO Batman movie, spoke to us on the windy red carpet for his latest directorial outing The White Crow, and told us about his desire to play the perennial manservant in a live action outing.

Here’s a brief excerpt from our premiere interviews for The White Crow.

Many Batfans first came to know Alfred Pennyworth in the form of Alan Napier, who played opposite the mighty Adam West’s Bruce Wayne in the ’60s TV series. Recent incarnations include Michael Gough (to Michael Keaton’s Batman), Michael Caine (who told Christian Bale’s Batman the reason for falling) and Sean Pertwee’s leading role in the Gotham TV series. Currently Jeremy Irons is DC’s big screen butler, but with the news that Ben Affleck is stepping down as Batman for Matt Reeves’ 2021 The Batman, perhaps the DCEU will look for another Alfred as well? If so – this may well be the sensible choice.

You can see the entirety of our red carpet interviews for The White Crow below. The film is out on the 22nd of March, 2019.