Homebound is a dark, compelling thriller that keeps the audience feeling uneasy throughout. To mark its release we had the pleasure of speaking to one of its stars, Raffiella Chapman (Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children), who was just ten years of age when shooting this production. Needless to say we asked what that experience was like, and just how much she was privy to at the time, in terms of providing context and understanding for her performance, given the dark themes at play.

We also discuss her career aspirations, and whether she wishes to pursue acting as she grows older. Thankfully, given her impressive performances to date, it seems she much intends to. On that note, we look ahead to a very exciting role, her first lead no less, in Vespers – as she tells us a little about that project too.

Watch the full interview with Raffiella here:


Holly’s excited to finally meet fiancĂ© Richard’s three children for the first time at a birthday celebration for his youngest in the English countryside. Holly is nervous to make a good impression, however when they arrive circumstances are far from ideal.

Homebound is in cinemas & on digital now