One of the most eagerly anticipated new TV shows to debut in 2017 is Legion, the new show from Fox and Marvel, which debuts this month. And in an exclusive interview, we sat down with one of the stars of the show Rachel Keller to discuss the show and how it fits into the X-Men Universe…

Rachel Keller Legion

Legion takes its cue from the comic-book series of the same name and is from Noah Hawley, creator and producer of the award-winning Fargo television series which is about to start its third season. But Hawley had some knowledgeable help on the show, with X-Men film runners Lauren Shuler Donner, Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer on board as executive-producers as well as legendary comic-book writer Jeph Loeb, who worked on Smallville.

As for Keller, she plays Syd Barrett in the show. Described as a “self-sufficent, street-smart” young women, Syd’s mutation gives her the ability to swap minds and bodies with anyone she touches, and its through her mutation that she meets David Haller (Dan Stephens) and the two fall in love. Haller, in the comics at least, is the mutant child of Professor Charles Xavier.

Keller became intrigued in the show not just because of her links to Hawley and Fargo (Keller starred in series two) but the concept he had to take a superhero story but to find the stories in amongst it if they were to lift out the superhero elements, similar to what Christopher Nolan did with his The Dark Knight Trilogy. The actress wouldn’t be drawn to much on how the show connects with the X-Men film universe but did say that the story is “rooted in so many other things.” The plot thickens as they say but we’re sure any secrets will be revealed in good time.

Legion starts on Fox on February 9th in the UK, one day after its US premiere.