The 3DS may have stolen the handheld limelight of late, but Sony’s soon-to-be-announced PSP2 has some intriguing news of its own.

Nikkei (via Andriasang) is reporting that the new PSP (pictured left in a mock-up) will be supported by a 3G service in Japan from the country’s largest carrier NTT DoCoMo.

While phone calls are likely out of the equation (they’re releasing the PSP-ish gaming phone for that after all), this is great news for portable online gaming and the ability to download games and movies to the system.

It will also have wireless LAN features for users to hook up to a stronger connection when they’re near a WiFi hotspot and is set to feature an OLED screen and a new processor capable of ‘high resolution visuals’.

Of course, until it’s officially announced by Sony themselves, we’re taking everything with a pinch of gaming salt, but with the industry event ‘Playstation Meeting’ scheduled for later this week we figure we won’t have long to wait.