The intricate matter of funding a film can leave a project in developmental hell but for British comedian, Jason Attar, that appears not to be the case with the introduction of ‘Kevcoin’.

Similar to that of Bitcoin, Powder’s Peckham is set to become the world’s first film to be funded by a virtual currency where the movie will be offering a 25% profit share using 25 billion of ‘Kevcoin’.

Those featured in the film will also be rewarded in the currency as will those who purchase a ticket to a screening.

The project follows would-be filmmaker Kevin Powder, documentary-style, who embarks on making a sci-fi adventure film. With shooting already underway in South London the project will also be up against a 35-day filming and editing schedule.


It remains to be seen if it will start a new trend of this alternate method of film funding, but nevertheless is a promising sign for young filmmakers facing this all too familiar challenge.

Both starring and directing, Jason, says “This has never been done before. Independent films have such a difficult time reaching an audience, so we thought this could be a good way of building up that audience from the beginning, having advocates talk about it and ultimately share in its potential success.”

Jason added: “For instance when people buy tickets to come and see the movie, they will receive one million Kevcoin – worth around 60p but increasing/decreasing depending on the success of the movie – giving them a small but active stake in its commercial prospects.”

Find out more about Kevcoin’  and Powder’s Peckham here