Paddinton Movie PosterThis is a nice surprise on a Friday afternoon, and the first we’ve seen of Paddington since the wheels of production finally found their rails last month.

Paul King, known best perhaps for his work with The Might Boosh team and with backing from Harry Potter producer David Heyman, is bringing us a new CG/live action take on the classic Michael Bond creation and as Paddington is an iconic symbol of many childhoods all eyes are on this one to make sure they don’t Smurf this up one good and proper.

Nice to see then that the first image, in this promo poster below, is a tempered one, redolent of the charm inherent in the character, showing the newly arrived bear, a stowaway from Darkest Peru, in the London station which gives him his name.

Monsieur Connelly from Bleeding Cool found this one plastered to the walls of the internet and I’m very glad he did. In amongst the various eyesorial kids movie posters we are used to (CG characters gathered together, gurning like desperate gits) this is a quaint image, at once recalling the essence of the character and the promise of adventure. I approve.

Here’s the poster,