Sunday night brings a gold-plated backslap to the world of film and whatever the results of the Oscars there will be debate and derision in equal measure.

The question of relevance will rear its ugly, pointless head again and whether we see The Artist running riot over the opposition or if Scorsese’s Hugo takes home the statues they’ll be talking points all round.

So, as you’re probably not an Academy member we’d like to know what you think should win the Best Picture award on the night. You’ll see the nominees in the image above and you can vote for any one of them, however if you disagree with the shortlisted few then simply choose ‘Other’ in the poll below and let us know which film you think should have been shortlisted and won in the comments – I’m torn between Drive and Shame but that’s just me.

We’ll be up all night Sunday to bring you the results as they occur and we’ll be weighing in with our opinions on the happenings in the Kodak, keeping an eye on those who meet with triumph and disaster.

So, here’s where you make a choice –

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