You may remember a few months back, we hosted a competition to win a pair of Polaroid 3D glasses. They boast quite a few nice features (see below for the specs) which I was very keen to try out in my local multiplex. I contacted Polaroid and they were kind enough to send me a pair of VIP N8103B from their 3D glasses range.

With the summer blockbusters really kicking in, it didn’t take too long for me to find a few movies to test the glasses on. I chose three films including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and Captain America: The First Avenger – they were the only three I could find with both a colon and a ridiculously long name in the title! It felt rather odd going to the cinema with my own pair of 3D glasses but after comparing the Polaroid with the standard ones you get from the bin at my local Vue Multiplex, you can really see why having your own pair makes a lot of sense.

The glasses come in a sturdy standard glasses case equipped with a cleaning cloth to wipe your grubby finger prints off the glass from the last viewing. It wasn’t until I grabbed a pair of standard issue glasses from the cinema bin until I realised how much more comfortable these Polaroid glasses really were. Like a pair of Oakley sunglasses, they are moulded around your head to fit ergonomically to your face and during the movie, I forgot I had them on. The same can definitely not be said for the standard cinema issues ‘Blues Brother’ versions. I’d usually be constantly changing position when I wear those but with the Polaroids, I only had to adjust it a few times towards the end of each movie (which run time is around 2hrs 30 on each). I really was surprised at how the comfort changed from the standard pair.

These glasses seem to suffer a little with movement on the screen with the 3D image but discussing this with others, it seems that it’s more to do with the projector, the brightness (lumens) that the projector lamp is pumping out and the way the movie is shot rather than the glasses themselves and will no doubt improve as 3D is used more and more. The advantage with the VIP N8103B however is the larger viewing area as the glass is slightly bigger than the standard issue coming in at inside frame width 136mm, lens height 46mm. This allows you to see more of the screen without having to adjust the frames on your face or move your head.

This VIP N8103B cost £29.90 from the Polaroid website which is quite a high price to pay for an item which you may only use once a month if that. But with more and more movies coming out in the latest technology, it’s going to become he case that you will be expected to have your own pair thus hopefully bringing down the price of the cinema ticket. With big name directors like James Cameron, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg all saying they wont shoot another movie unless it’s in 3D, we might as well get used to the new technology as I don’t believe it’s a fad.

Overall I liked the VIP N8103B very much. They were comfortable, practical and well made. The viewing size is greater than that of the standard issue ‘blues brother’ glasses meaning I didn’t have to adjust them as much as I would normally. If you’re in the market for your own 3D glasses, you can’t go wrong with these.



  • Sleek dark blue wraparound frame with cut-away arm detail
  • Large lenses and comfort nose grips
  • Authentic Polaroid branding
  • Featuring premium circular Polaroid polarized 3D lenses
  • Optically correct lenses with face-hugging curvature, for superior surround 3D vision
  • RealD certified, suitable for most 3D cinemas and passive polarized home entertainment systems
  • 3D lenses made with Polaroids exclusive Thermofusion Technology
  • High quality curved 3D lenses, high-tech frame designed for a comfort fit
  • Comes with a special case and cleaning cloth
  • Inside frame width 136mm, lens height 46mm