Yes, it’s another of those trailers for trailers which seem to stretch anticipation to the point of not actually caring and yet, if we forget about the sneaky leaky footage which came out a few weeks ago, this is the first look at Colin Farrell in the retelling of Total Recall.

Apparently there’ll be a full trailer out on Sunday and this is the teaser for that trailer. There’s a lot of new footage glimpsed here but what’s on offer here looks phenomenally derivative from a visual stand point – see how many sci-fi films you can spot in the clip below. It’s like it’s very own supercut.

Taking the spine from Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 film rather than the original Philip K. Dick story Len Wiseman will not have Farrell getting his ass to Mars, but familiarity with Fright Night (Farrell’s pervious remake) didn’t trouble anyone unduly, so expect the unexpected. Or not.

Here’s the footage, courtesy of The Film Stage. Are you excited?