To celebrate the release of Pirates, the anticipated feature-film debut from Reggie Yates, we sat down with its writer/director and stars to find out about the brilliant new comedy set around the end of the millennium.

Set in London at the turn of the millennium, PIRATES will take audiences on a hilarious journey back to New Year’s Eve 1999, reviving memories from the 90’s garage scene and Moschino fashion for pure nostalgic cinematic joy.

Written and directed by Yates, Pirates sees him tackle a feature for the first time after some work on shorts and documentaries and it’s a story that has been in his brain for a while and tells us how the film is both a celebration of his own growing pains and friendships as well as a look back at the world in 1999 and how much has changed. He tells he drew from the garage scene, his love of football, and experiences of his own life to bring to the screen a story of friendship, love, and more.

His impressive cast – Edusah, Peters, and Elazouar – talked about their immediate love of the script and the friendship at its heart, bonding in real life, the coming-of-age narrative, and why, even two decades on will still resonate with many.

You can view the full interviews below:

Pirates is released in UK cinemas on November 26th.