Pinewood Drive-In ScreeningsAs you know, we here at HeyUGuys like to support the British Film Industry as much as we can and that’s why you may see promotions for events that we think our readers will like.

Over the past few weeks, and until the end of the year, Pinewood Studios have set up a ‘drive-in series’ of which our roving reporter Ben went to The Shining a couple of weeks ago (his review here). This weekend, Pinewood Studios decided that just having the biggest screen in Europe wasn’t enough, but that they wanted to break the world record for the largest movie projection EVER! Well, the good news is that this weekend on Saturday, 7th November, they did just that screening Mission: Impossible.

“The film was projected at 41.8 metres wide by 17.8 metres high onto Europe’s largest outdoor screen.”

“This feat forms part of Pinewood’s current Drive-In series for the public, having temporarily converted our vast outdoor water filming facility to accommodate the screenings. The screen ““ measuring 73 metres wide with a total surface area of 1337.73 square metres ““ allows the latest computer technology to key in scenes during the edit behind the live action taking place in the water. Originally built in 1959 for the war film Sink the Bismarck!, the water tank has been used to shoot scenes for Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and The Boat That Rocked plus most recently for upcoming features Robin Hood, Gullivers Travels and Clash of the Titans.”

You can find out more about the record on the Pinewood Studios website here.

You’re not too late to catch Pinewood’s drive-in series, in fact you can view what films are coming up and book tickets here. I’m hoping to get along to Gladiator and Full Metal Jacket, both in my list of top 10 films!