Chances are a comedy about hockey won’t immediately make you leap into the air with cinematic-infused joy, but stir Superbad scribe Evan Goldberg and man on the rise Jay Baruchel into the mix and you may start to get a little more interested.

Today we have our first look at the hockomedy and we see Seann William Scott smiling and hitting someone, and Baruchel, who has had a pretty visible year with Dragons and Sorcerers aplenty, spoke to MTV about Goon,

I think that we’re going to entertain people and were going to hit them in the head with a two by four, but I think more than anything people will be surprised by how moved they are by the story. I really think we’ve created a pretty classic character, and Seann is doing something unlike he’s ever done.

MTV had these pics and spoke further to Jay Baruchel, would you like to know more?