The Philips Parallel Lines project held the premiere tonight of its five short films, each containing the same six lines of dialogue, each a totally unique vision. It was a great way to celebrate the art of the short.

What was unveiled tonight were five disparate visions, but each sharing in vibrant storytelling and arresting imagery as the directors clearly relished the freedom to each make what they will of the challenge set to them by Philips.

The five short films came from directors from the Ridley Scott Associates stable and were premiered collectively tonight as part of the Philips Parallel Lines push, designed to showcase their new Cinema 21:9 ultra wide TV range and, like Spike Jonze/Absolut collaboration with the sublime 30 minute film I’m Here, this corporate cohabitation was all about the art of telling an interesting story.

Dave and I were at BAFTA in central London to enjoy the Parallel Lines premiere, and it was fantastic to see the films up on the big screen. Introduced by the Chairman of BAFTA, David Parfitt, the films each chose to use the same few lines of dialogue in vastly different ways; while the directors had to use the specified lines of dialogue they were free to create everything else, and the difference visible in the films is astounding.

The results went from CGI children’s animation to an android thief zooming through the streets of a future Moscow to a literally touching story of donkey in a high rise – the breadth of imagination was impressive and inspiring.

Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, Jake Scott and Hi-Sim were the directors on show, and their films can be seen below, and I urge you to watch each of them as these are film makers of considerable talent being given free rein and each film had to pass under the watchful eye of Sir Ridley.

Director of the short Darkroom, Johnny Hardstaff, took the stage following the screening and was candid about his excitement at getting the chance to take the few strands of dialogues and build a whole world around it – indeed, his take is a wonderful short which uses the wide expanse of the 21:9 screen to great effect, and his background as a designer is evident in every frame of this film.

Here’s Johnny talking about his word on the Parallel Lines project, and you can see his, and the other films, below. Enjoy, and stay tuned to HeyUGuys for an exciting opportunity to get involved in Parallel Lines.

Johnny Hardstaff – Darkroom

Hi-Sim – Jun and the Hidden Skies

Carl Erik Rinsch – The Gift

Greg Fay’s wonderful El Secreto de Mateo

Jake Scott – The Hunt