Phil-Lord-and-Chris-MillerAfter spending years stuck in development, it looked like Ghostbusters 3 might finally be moving forward when Phil Lord and Chris Miller were announced last month as being in talks with Sony to helm the sequel.

The news came seemingly out of nowhere, with the co-directors coming off the back of a hugely successful return to animation in The Lego Movie, after making a name for themselves with 21 Jump Street and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in recent years.

Now it looks like the duo aren’t going to be boarding the project after all, with Jeff Sneider taking to Twitter to reveal that he’s heard the co-directors ultimately decided to walk away from the job.

Hearing LORD & MILLER ended up walking away from GHOSTBUSTERS 3 job. They were the studio’s choice but wanted to keep their options open…

Sneider went on to say that could well return to the project, but that Sony are meeting with other directors now in case they don’t.

And, given how far they’ve come with Meatballs, Jump Street, and now The Lego Movie, I think most of us thought that taking the job of rebooting the Ghostbusters franchise would’ve been a step in the wrong direction for them.

If there’s anyone who can pull it off well, Lord and Miller are undoubtedly amongst those who could do the job. But having said that, I still feel their talents would be much better spent elsewhere. With 22 Jump Street hitting cinemas this summer, they’ll no doubt soon be deciding what to tackle next, and I think something completely fresh would be a great choice for them.

So as things currently stand, it’s looking like Ghostbusters 3 is back to lacking a director/s. The studio are reportedly keen to begin shooting early next year, so if they’re meeting with more directors now, we should be hearing some concrete news soon.